Buyer Registration

Pre-register for the Functional Art Movement Glass Show by completing the form to the right.

You can click here or call 877-510-7465 and use the group code FAM20 to reserve a room for a reduced rate of $149 at the beautiful Hilton Madison Hotel.

The FAM Glass Show is not just another a glass show. The first focus of the show is bringing in buyers, but second we are focused on making our show affordable for any and all artists to participate. By utilizing the unique Midwest market, we make our show affordable and accessible to anyone. We feel that this will provide a great opportunity for up and coming artists as well as established sellers in the industry. By bringing in industry regulars as well as offering affordable booth pricing to people trying to break the ice on the show scene, we feel we can offer buyers a truly unique selection of high end and production level products in a compact and easily shoppable show floor.

FAM is an American made trade show and imports will not be sold at this show. The playing field should be fair for all of our artists. By keeping imports out, we strive to keep a level playing field on the show floor.

Most importantly, this show is for us by us. Yes, we rely on sponsors and someone has to take the lead, but we want FAM to be an open conversation with sellers, buyers, and attendees to help shape it into a show we can all call our own. The Functional Art Movement show is near, Will you be part of our FAM?